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Components RAM DIMM DDR 4 16GB Fujitsu 16 GB DDR4-2933MHz DIMM 288-pin, S26461-F4106-L5

Fujitsu 16 GB DDR4-2933MHz DIMM 288-pin, S26461-F4106-L5

Capacity: 16 GB Memory speed: 2933MHz MHz Type: DDR 4 Error Correction Code (ECC): ECC

Product code 210.162009
Part number S26461-F4106-L5
Manufacturer Fujitsu
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Detailed information


RAM chips are necessary for a server in terms of performance. They work as memories with direct access, allowing them to be both read and written onto. The most important parameters are primarily capacity, frequency and response time; these are responsible for an amount of tasks that the server handles.

Guaranteed quality

Server memories can have substantially higher quality and higher security level for data loss prevention (EEC technology) compared to memories for traditional computers.

With increasing memory capacity of computers, the risk of write failure statistically increases; in such cases, bits get randomly changed to a 1 from a 0 and vice versa. To lower the probability of such failures, modern computers use ECC type memories (Error Checking and Correcting), thanks to which the errors can be easily detected and fixed.


motherboard the memory is intended for. In some cases, even officially untested memories can work, however with time read and write errors may occur, which are especially unacceptable when it comes to servers.

Choosing The Right Generation, Type and Frequency of a Memory

  • The right generation of a memory (DDR3, DDR4) depends on the socket of the motherboard
  • Memory type (UDIMM, SODIMM) depends on the socket of the motherboard
  • Motherboards can generally support higher frequency memories (1600, 1866, 2133, 2400, 2666, 3000MHz) than the used processor. To check highest supported frequency of a certain processor you can check this link:

In case of any ambiguities when choosing a memory don't hesitate to contact our sales department for free pre-sales support.

Product Specifications

Capacity: 16 GB
Memory speed: 2933 MHz
Format: DIMM 288-pin
Type: DDR4
Error Correction Code (ECC): No

Compatible Systems

  • FSC Celsius M7010X


Form Factor DIMM
Size in GB 16

Price development

  1. The only Supermicro integrator in Czechia, Slovakia and Poland
  2. Personal approach and tailor-made servers
  3. NBD warranties on-site
  4. Hosting, VPS and IT infrastructure
  5. Pre-sales & After-sales support